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The hot new coco and soil enhancer on the market is 'frass', or insect poop

The hot new Coco & Soil Booster on the market is 'frass', AKA insect poop, insect skin and other body parts.

It's a biostimulant and media conditioner with a mild nutrient kick that's complimentary to any feeding schedule. Ecothrive's Charge comes from the mealworm and application to the growing medium will stimulate robust plant growth, improve root zone conditions and creates vigorous high yielding plants. It’s also certified 100% organic by the Soil Association as the beetle larvae are fed on organic carrots and wheat bran. 

Usage: mix frass with your soil mix before you plant. If you're using a medium with a low nutritional content (such as coco coir) make it 2% frass, so 1L per 50L of substrate. If you're using a pre-fertilised soil, mix it at 1% by volume, so 0.5L per 50L. Charge contains a mild kick of nutrients and will compliment your nutrient regime, rather than interfere with it, so water and feed as you would normally. For continued plant health and growth improvement, top dress Charge onto the surface of the growing media every 2-4 weeks.

Charge can also be mixed with water for use as growth boosting foliar spray.

One additional thing you should be thinking about when it comes to frass is chitin. It's found in the exoskeleton of insects - so it's present in Charge - and it interacts positively with mycorrhizal products, such as Great White  - basically the mycorrhizal establishment rate is greatly improved/accelerated. On top of that, later down the line NPK from the Charge continues to stimulate and multiply the effect of the mycorrhizal network, so you're looking at one way to super-charge the potential of your rootzone.

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