Dutch Pro pH Up 1 Litre

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Dutch Pro pH Up

Keep your pH levels stable and your plants prospering with Dutch Pro pH Up!

Keeping your pH levels correct and stable is very important when growing with hydroponics, Dutch Pro pH Up is an effective and easy way to keep your pH values within normal limits. Easy to apply and very cost effective there's no better way to manage your pH.

Dutch Pro pH Up is an alkali potassium hydroxide solution designed to raise the pH of your nutrient feed. Apply Dutch Pro pH Up in small amounts until you reach the desired pH level (usually around 5.8 – 6.5 pH). Dutch Pro pH Up is intended for use in overly acidic nutrient solutions (pH 0 – 7) if the pH of your solution is pH 7 – 14 you need to use Dutch Pro pH Down Grow or Dutch Pro pH Down Bloom depending on your current grow phase.

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