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Maxibright Digilight 600W Pro Select Ballast

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Maxibright Digilight 600W Pro Select Ballast

Availability: In stock

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Maxibright Digilight Pro Select ballast

The Digilight Pro Ballast from Maxibright is a digital 250-600w dimmable ballast that uses the latest in SMART technology. Some of the features of the Digilight Pro Ballast include surge control, soft start technology, fast lamp restrike and a dynamic frequency control. The surge control feature on the Digilight Pro Ballast allows multiple lamps to turn on one at a time from one timer switch, decreasing the risk of any power surges. The soft start technology strikes the bulb at a very low current. This is much more gentle on your bulb and will help to increase the lifespan of your bulb. The fast lamp restrike feature means that if there is ever a power cut or for some other reason the lights within your grow room turn off, turning them back on whilst they are still hot is not an issue. The dynamic frequency control feature of the Digilight Pro is a very clever feature in that it maintains a steady, level flow of power to the ballast meaning that if there are ever fluctuations in the voltage of your power supply, the Digilight Pro will go unaffected.

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