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Control up to 512 1000w grow lights all from one small and sexy controller! The Revolution Micro RLC-1 light controller is the ultimate in grow room control.

What’s great about the Revolution DEva RLC-1 grow light Controller?

  • Controls up to 512 lights Up to 512 Revolution DEva grow lights can be programmed to use from one single controller, the brains that controls them all.
  • Control two zones Split your lights over two rooms that can be controlled independently. Up to 256 per room simultaneously!
  • Preset Dimming Mimics nature by controlling sunset and sunrise times effortlessly using the pre-set configurations. Grow lights can also be manually dimmed by 1% increments!
  • Intelligent dimming! When your air temperature controls can’t cut it, the controller measures spikes in air temperature and will dim the lights as needed to regain control over the VPD.
  • No surges! No matter how many lights you have on the controller, it will not generate an in rush of current in the way a typical grow light will.
  • Tracks problems Lets you know if there have been any issues with firing up any ballasts, or lamps. Captures lamp hour/blackout data to identify any potential problems with your lights.
  • Highly compatible Can be used in direct conjunction with other grow room hardware via the Aux outputs. 

Revolution Micro have come into the lighting game in an extremely strong fashion! As an accompaniment to the renowned 1000w DEva grow lights, they have developed an extremely versatile lighting controller, that is packed full of functionality. The DEva RLC-1 has a sleek design and an extremely intuitive interface. It really couldn’t be made any easier for you to use and control anywhere up to 512 DEva grow lights. Now you just need a big enough grow room!

Revolution Micro has been born from the genius of a man called Greg Richter, a man with over 30 years of experience in precision design and manufacturing. As well as building his own off-grid power station and single-turbine jet airplane, Greg has an un-dying passion for growing hydroponically and poured all his years of experience in to making technological solutions for growers, from the ground up. His passion for intricate electronic engineering has resulted in a unique and powerful controller for HID lighting.

Designed purposefully to work alongside the Revolution DEva 1000w DE grow lights, the two technologies work in harmony with one another giving you unique and precise control over your grow room lights. With extensive dimming options, either manually at 1 percent increments or automatically via the sunrise/sunset and temperature controlled options, the RLC-1 has all your bases covered.

It is easy to use, with a gorgeous looking interface screen, and super easy to install. Simply connect your lights to the controller with standard RJ45 cabling, tap away to set your times and you are good to go! Simple! They are even compatible with all sorts of other grow equipment when the Aux outputs are used, feel free to pop down to one of our stores to see it working!


More Information

What is the Revolution Deva RLC-1 Controller?

The Revolution DEva RLC-1 grow light controller is a custom-designed controller to take full control of up to 512 grow lights. It can be used to simply turn them on and off at whichever times you set it to, or it can be used for its more complex dimming functions, which is where the fun really starts! It is designed to be able to control two separate rooms independently of each other, with up to 256 lights in each room. These can be run on flip-flop style and still be able to go through the individual sunrise and sunset functions for each room separately. This is just the tip of the iceberg, it really is an incredible piece of kit when you think about it.

How does the Revolution DEva RLC-1 Light controller work then?

Plug and Play:

The Revolution DEva RLC-1 grow light controller couldn’t be easier to use. You use standard RJ45 cabling to connect the DEva lights in series, up to 512 on to one single controller. Once they are all connected to the controller it is simply a case of programming the times for turning on and off. This is all done through a very stylish and intuitive interface, that is quickly set up to have complete control. 

Controls banks of lights:

You can programme the unit to have two banks of lights running independently of each other, with 256 lights running on each bank (or zone). This means you can run two rooms in a ‘flip flop’ style, meaning when the lights go off in one room, they turn on in the other. This can be highly advantages in closed loop scenarios, with supplemental Co2: the air from the room that’s dark room helping to cool the room that is lit.


You can dim your lights anywhere from 1150w down to 600w in 1% intervals, this can be controlled manually if you desire, or you can automate it and set the times for sunrise and sunset hours to mimic the natural world. This is particularly useful for steering plant growth during key times in their life cycle – like transitioning to flower, or to help relieve them from excessive transpiration/water loss during particularly hot days.

Regulates current:

When you have your DEva lights connected to the RC-1 controller, there is no large inrush, or spike of electricity when they are turned on. The controller keeps them ticking over, essentially on ‘idle’, until it is time to fire them up and then gently introduces a current to each unit to start them nice and softly, for no noticeable impacts on your main power supply.

Controls exterior equipment:

As if controlling just your main grow lights wasn’t enough, the Auxiliary outputs can be used to control a huge range of other grow equipment. For example, once you connect the Maxiswitch relays to the Aux points, you can control (but not dim) an entirely separate bank of lights (e.g CMH daylight supplemental lights)

Tracks Issues:

We all know that unfortunately life never goes 100% smoothly. Things can, and will, go wrong when you least expect it! You needn’t be off your guard with DEva grow lights however, as the RLC-1 controller tracks all sorts of data for you! From lamp hours to brownouts or blackouts times, any issues with power supplied to the lamps is all noted down for you, so you can fix any potential issues before things get too bad! 

Overall, the sort of functionality and control that you get from the RLC-1 is truly astounding, allowing you to control not just your lights, but pretty much anything all from one sexy little interface. Check out this video we made where we spoke to Mr Ritchie from Maxigrow about all the ins and outs.

How to use your Revolution DEva RLC-1 Controller

Installing the Deva RLC-1 controller is (thankfully) a pretty straight forward task. You simply use a combination of normal telephone cable and audio cords, to daisy chain all your lights together in a row, and connect them all in series to the controller. All it is then a case of is programming the times and operating parameters using the simple user interface.

As mentioned two banks of lights can be run in series with this controller and be run completely independently. So, for example one bank could just have turned on beginning its sunrise programme, while the second bank has just finished its sunset hour and has turned off. This gives huge potential for operating two separate rooms, allowing for super-efficient ‘flip-flop’ style grow rooms.

The aux outputs on the controller allow you to connect the Maxiswitch controls to then run all sorts of equipment. There are two auxiliary outputs, one controlling equipment when the lights turn on, and the other when the lights are off. So, for example you would control a n extra bank of CDM lights using the ‘on’ port, and heaters and de-humidifiers with the ‘off’ port. Everything is then programmed via the interface on the RLC-1 controller itself.

The interface on the controller has been designed to be as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. With a few buttons you can swiftly navigate through all of the functions and quickly programme a whole host of parameters for your grow room equipment to follow. Play God with your grow room!

What’s in the Box:

The Revolution RLC 1 Digital Lighting Controller Contains:

1x Revolution RLC 1 Digital Lighting Controller, 2x Temperature/humidity probes, 1x 6 Volt power supply plug, 1x Instruction manual, 1x Mounting kit (for wall mounting)


Revolution RLC 1 Digital Lighting Controller Dimensions: 16cm x 8cm x 4cm
Power cable length: 120cm
Telephone cable length: 290cm
Probe cable length: 590cm



For product specifications such as dimensions and voltage, please download the brochure-

download deva pdfDownload Brochure









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