Deva 1000w 400V Quartz MH Lamp

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Deva 1000w 400V Quartz MH lamp

An outstanding lamp for an outstanding light, this is perfectly designed bulb for the amazing Revolution Deva 

  • Higher quality crops
  • Shorter internode growth
  • Denser Canopy
  • Fatter leaf systems
  • Reinforced plant structure
  • Multiple flowering sites
  • Increase flavonoids, limonoids, terpenoids and essential oil production
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What is the Revolution Deva hydroponic grow light?

The Revolution Deva is an all in one grow light, purposefully designed for indoor grow rooms. The ballast, reflector and lamp are altogether present in one neat and tidy looking unit. It is a grow light designed to be used as the sole light source for a hydroponic environment, giving an extremely high output of light and providing a fantastically efficient spectrum of light to your plants. The lamp, reflector and ballast are all specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with one another, meaning you will get the most out of your equipment, every time it is fired up!

The Ballast

This is the powerhouse of the Revolution Deva, and of course contains the fundamental technology that sets this light so far apart from its competition. There are a few ways in which the Deva’s ballast differs to other grow ballasts, and each one of them contributes to the unique nature and performance of this product. 

  • Low Frequency Square Wave Ballast: 

This is possibly the biggest head-turner of this grow ballast’s features. The Revolution DEva converts the electronic signal sent to the lamp to a highly efficient square wave. This results in the whole unit emitting less EMI than you would expect from an iPad! This is previously unheard of! Using square wave technology to drive the 400v, 1000w DE lamp means that you will much less harmonic distortion when the lamp is running. Overall, this will result in a slightly better colour rendering and longer lamp life from the unit. Win/win. 

  • Heavy duty, avionic grade capacitors:

The Revolution DEva has four heavy duty, avionic grade capacitors inside of it, to ensure that it runs at as low a temperature as possible. This is twice the amount when compared to other high-quality plant lights (like Gavita for example) that contain two, which are also of a much higher grade: avionic standard. Electronics always perform better and last longer when they run cool. This gives the Revolution DEva a much longer life expectancy, giving you much greater value for money!

  • Cool design:

Pun intended. Yes, it does look pretty sexy as well, but what we really mean is that entire ballast has been designed with optimal cooling in mind, not just the immense capacitors. As stated, if you want your electrics to perform as well as they can, for as long as they can, then they need to keep as cool as possible. Something the Revolution DEva does like no other.

The Reflector

One of the key things that makes this light perform so well is simply the shape and build quality of the reflector that it uses. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of imagination to realise that while lights designed for commercial greenhouses do have very good qualities, they may not be the most appropriate choice for more of a common hydroponic grow room scenario.

  • The Shape

Yes, that right, it has been purposefully designed for hydroponic grow rooms, so the footprint of light that you get is much more suitable than its greenhouse tailored rival. The overall spread and penetration of light is almost second to none and your plants will quickly show you how much more they appreciate it!

  • The Material

Revolution DEva use nothing but the finest Miro Aluminium to craft their reflectors from. Sourced from Germany, because of their renowned manufacturing skills, the DEva makes sure that every possible bit of light is reflected down towards the canopy, meaning more potential energy for your plants!

The lamp

The lamp is one of the finest that you can currently get on the hydroponic market. It is the Ushio Par Plus lamp, which is the exact same lamp that you find in other top-quality brands (such as Gavita and Dimlux) that use 400v technology. Lights is measured in micro mols, packets of light that fall within the Photosynthetically Active Region (PAR).

With the highest output on the market, 2100µmol/s are emitted out of this lamp, like many other high-end 1000w DE grow lights. However, the square wave technology from the ballast runs the lamps in a way that produces a slightly better colour rendering index than other brands of ballasts. The arc within the lamp maintains steadier and at a more constant temperature, so essentially, it is the same super-high-quality lamp, but it just works a little bit better! 

Check out this video with our Sam talking through it all with none other than Lawrence from MaxiGrow.

How to use your Revolution DEva 1000w DE grow light

It really couldn’t be much easier to use these 1000w DE grow lights. The Revolution DEva are easy to set up, simply take them out of the box and hang them up with something like rope ratchets, plug it in and turn it on! Ok well after that you may need to do a bit of tinkering around with things like the hanging height, but in principle, it really couldn’t be much easier. Here are a few things for you to consider when setting your Revolution DEva’s up.

  • How high/where to hang?

Now, bearing in mind that these are 1000w DE grow lights, you will need a decent amount of head height in your room, to allow for a decent gap between the lamp and the top of your crop. You can’t avoid the heat coming directly out of the lamp, and combined with the powerful reflector it creates a truly powerful spread of light. Aim for well over arm’s length away from the top of your crop. When you have multiple lights in your room, there height and position become very important to make sure you get uniform light levels throughout your whole grow room. Every room is different, so please give us a call in-store to give you the best advice for your personal area.

  • How to control them?

Of course, the ideal way to control the Revolution DEva lights, is with the Revolution DEva light controller! It gives you un-paralleled control over every aspect of your lights: You can control sunrise and sunsets, decreasing and increasing intensity to mimic nature. Lights will auto dim if your temperatures get out of control. More than one room can be controlled independently. No surge in power is generated on start up. The list of benefits the controller has is almost endless. Or you could just plug it into a cheap timer and be done with it! Entirely up to you!

Getting the most from the Revolution DEva 1000w DE 400v grow lights

If you are considering a DEva, then you are clearly serious about growing hydroponically. If you are truly serious about growing with the revolution DEva’s then we highly recommend using it in combination with their controller. It really lets you push your grow room to the limits. The real cherry on the cake with functionality, however, is something that happens when you combine it all the Maxiswitch relay.

This unique add on for the Revolution DEva allows you to combine all sorts of external technology to the controller, to run it all from the same source. Supplemental CMH lights for example can all be controlled from the one system, as can heaters for when the cold nights roll in. The Revolution DEva has to be one of the most versatile and powerful lights currently on the market. Please feel free to pop down to either of our stores and have a look at the working demonstration.












The DEva 1000W light fixture needs to have the BLV lamp inserted with the lamp so that the BLV logo is mounted to the positive connector of your fitting.

 To look at the lamp in the unit this means the logo is facing you and is at the ballast end of the light fixture.

deva instructions


download deva pdfDownload Technical Drawing

download deva pdfDownload Brochure


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