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Control Freak – Dynamic Frequency Controller

Are you as fed up with buzzing fans as we are?

Using standard AC fan controllers results in a loud buzz when the speed is lowered, as well as being inefficient and reducing the lifespan of the connected fans. By using the Control Freak from Maxibright you can transform the fans into super smooth controlled pieces of equipment. They get much more efficient, saving on energy costs and the fans won’t wear out as quickly. Better than that though there won’t be any of the irritating buzzing noise!


  • Plug and play – very easy to setup and use

  • No buzzing

  • Available in 3 amp, 7amp and 13amp

  • Large LCD screen to make it easy to read

  • 2 sockets to connect both intake and extraction fans

  • Energy efficient = more pennies to spend on other things!

  • 4.5 metre temperature probe cable

  • Lightweight

The large LCD control panel features 6 pieces of data allowing you to easily monitor all of the requirements at the same time. The settings are fully configurable and you can also manually set a fixed fan speed if you’d prefer to do so.

  1. Desired room temperature

  2. Actual room temperature

  3. Minimum fan speed

  4. Maximum fan speed

  5. Current fan speed

  6. Bandwidth (hysteresis)

With the Control Freak unit you can adjust the fan speed smoothly using small increments instead of by a big chunk each time. The linear speed control allows adjustment between 10% and 100% to achieve this.

Larger grow rooms

It’s not a problem, as long as you stay within the 7amp rating you can connect extension leads to both sockets and have multiple fans controlled from this excellent piece of kit.

Precision hysteresis

There is an option called Bandwidth with this controller, it allows you to set some leeway with the temperature. If you don’t mind the temperature of the room to be 10% either way of your minimum and maximum settings you can do. The higher the percentage you choose it will provide even smoother fan movement. Alternatively, choose a smaller percentage to tighten the range the fans will go away from the required temperature.

The science

The waveforms differ with different types of fan and the speed they’re set at. When a controller clips or distorts the wave it becomes rough, this produces the buzzing sound as well as decreasing efficiency.

Using the frequency controller stretches the wave to slow down the fan which means that it’s much smoother and so doesn’t buzz.

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