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CO2 Enhancer Bottle

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CO2 Enhancer Bottle

Availability: In stock

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The Enhancer from TNB Naturals is an excellent quick and easy fix when it comes to adding supplementary CO2 to your indoor garden. The enhancer is based upon the fermentation process using yeast, sugar and water; simply add a litre of lukewarm water to the yeast sugar mix in the bottle, shake and then place it into your garden. The best positioning for The Enhancer is above your plants, preferably behind an oscillating fan and shaking The Enhancer once a day will optimize the amount of CO2 being emitted. This way the CO2 will fall onto your plants or be dispersed around the room by the oscillating fan. Each Enhancer bottle is sufficient for up to a 144 square foot area and will disperse a constant supply of CO2 for up to 2 weeks. The addition of CO2 to your grow area during crucial stages of fruit and flower production can dramatically enhance the end results of your harvest, potentially increasing yields by up to 50%. Unlike other CO2 products that work using the fermentation process the Enhancer will not start to produce CO2 until you add water which greatly increases the product’s shelf life. The Enhancer will also create a higher concentration of CO2 compared to other disposable CO2 products due to the quick rate at which the reaction occurs within the bottle, rather than relying on heat and light to control the rate of CO2 production.
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does this item release more co2 than a hamster over the same period of time
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