HR-50 Pro Humidification Kit

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HR-50 Centrifugal Humidification Kit

The very best in large scale humidification; this kit is unbeatable for controlling your humidity over a very large area such as a commercial greenhouse.

This kit contains a HR-50 Centrifugal Humidification Unit, a HR-DHTC Humidistat, a 100 litre reservoir and 3m of hose pipe.
The HR-50 is a fantastic large-scale humidification unit. This humidifier can cover an huge are, between 100 and 150m² with a humidification capacity of 2,500cc to 4,000cc per hour. Despite this the HR-50 only uses 90W of power making it a cost effective way of increasing your yields! The HR-50 measures 37cm x 37cm x 48cm making it extremely small and unobtrusive in the type of environment it is made for.
This pro kit also includes a HR-DHTC Humidistat, this top of the line digital humidity controller monitors your environment and dynamically adjusts your humidity and temperature to maintain a palatable environment for your plants. The HR-DHTC is capable of accommodating a humidifier as well as a heater/fan rated up to 2000kw, to use anything over 2000kw it will be necessary to use a relay.
As well as your main components you also receive a 100 litre barrel and a fitting kit to join it up to your humidifier. This all inclusive humidification kit is fantastic value for money and contains everything you need to get your grow room up and running.

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For more information about humidity and your grow room, take a look at our blog post here-

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