HR-15 Humidification Unit

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Centrifugal Humidification Unit (15-30m²)

The Centrifugal Humidification HR-15 Unit is perfect for humidity control in your grow room or tent.

Humidity is an environmental factor which is often overlooked when growing indoors. Humidity can have an amazing effect on your yield if you monitor and control your humidity efficiently. Plants thrive on a high relative humidity (usually around 70-80% in propagation, 60-80% in veg and 30-50% in bloom in general, some plants do vary from this). It is very important that you manage the relative humidity of your environment if you want to get the biggest yields from your plants.

The HR-15 Humidification Unit is a high quality humidification unit capable of covering an area of between 15 – 30m² with a humidification capacity of 1,500cc per hour. The HR-15 Humidification system only uses 90W of power and measures just 31cm x 31cm x 47 cm (L x W x H) making it perfect for use in most tents or grow rooms.
The HR-15 is also highly reliable and cost effective with a low running cost and the fact it uses centrifugal humidification as opposed to the more unreliable ultrasonic methods of humidification. With the HR-15 and a high quality humidistat such as the Faren HR-DHTC you can be sure your plants will be receiving exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

If you’re looking to increase the weight and quality of your yields and the overall health of your plants then look no further than the Centrifugal Humidification HR-15 Unit. This humidifier will give you fantastic results and you won’t find a better price anywhere!

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For more information about humidity and your grow room, take a look at our blog post here-

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