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Canna Cannazym Multi Vitamin & Enzyme Root Stimulant

Canna Cannazym is an invaluable asset with reusable growing substrates, by using Cannazym you ensure your root remains will be broken down rapidly and transformed into beneficial hydroponics nutrients, not to mention preventing infection and air/water relation in the root environment.

Protect your plants and ensure fast, healthy root growth with Cannazym - top of the line enzyme formulation.

Cannazym is a fantastic enzyme formulation, containing over 12 different enzyme types supplemented with a number of beneficial vitamins intended to stimulate root growth and desert plant extracts to make your plants tough and resilient. Canna Cannazym enzyme formulation is designed to provide your root system with everything it needs to stay strong and healthy.

In a typical healthy root system, roots will die and new roots will form constantly. The minerals and sugars released by the decaying dead roots can provide a perfect growing substrate for new, healthy root growth. Cannazym functions as a natural biocatalyst and medium decomposer facilitating the decaying process as well as improving the rate at which your plants grow new roots.

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