Canna Rhizotonic

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Canna Rhizontonic

Rhizotonic from Canna is an algae based vegetative supplement aimed more specifically at root growth

Rhizotonic is 100% natural and full of vitamins and hormones, an excellent choice for relieving stress if your plants are recovering from re-potting, transporting, an insect infestation or a fungal infectionRhizotonic can be used on any medium, in any hydroponic system and is slightly alkaline so it can be used up raise the pH of your nutrient solution by small amounts. Rhizotonic’s root stimulating power comes from the oligosaccharide molecules found in Rhizotonic’s unique formula. These compounds have been found to have a positive effect on root growth whilst not having any negative effects on vegetative growth. 

Good yields begin with healthy plants, so use Rhizotonic from the beginning of your plant's life cycle so ensure a speedy and healthy start in life.  We recommend using this in addition to Canna Cannazyme for invincible roots. 

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