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Silicon is the second most common element to be found in the crust of the earth, and adding it to your regimen is a no-brainer for many growers.

While other brands of silica will no doubt improve the quality and overall health of your plant, their uptake by the plant is limited to a degree, and this is where Solar Green Power shines against its competitors. This product is pure silicic acid, which is the simplest and most soluble form of silica. In nature, plants take up silicic acid from the soil where it naturally occurs, so adding Solar Green Power to your grow gets you closer to that concept.
This product is a new innovation in the field of silicon supplementation, one that has been recently discovered by the biochemists at BuddhasTree. Choose the most bio-available version of silica for stronger, better-formed and higher yielding plants.
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Usage per Litre

Pot fed/reservoir: 0.5ml
Foliar fed: 4ml-5ml per month
OR Foliar fed: 2ml per week

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