Buddhas Tree Meta Boost

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Buddhas Tree Meta Boost Flowering & Veg Booster

Meta Boost from Buddhas Tree is a fantastic metabolism boosting additive and a cost-effective replacement for Canna Boost Accelerator.

Buddhas Tree Meta Boost is a very effective and inexpensive metabolism booster designed to speed up the metabolic processes in your plants in both vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

To grow, plants have to synthesise a vast array of hormones, amino acids and sugars which takes a great deal of energy that could be used in more crucial areas of growth and development. Meta Boost contains these essential building blocks, leading to a lesser requirement of energy expenditure in their production. This larger amount of free energy will lead to greater plant health, increased yields and a higher quality end product.

Meta Boost is a similar price to other metabolism boosters/bio-stimulants for the volume of product you get, but has a much lower dilution rate (1ml/L) making it a lot more cost effective.

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