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Brummie Bubbler

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Brummie Bubbler

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The Brummie Bubbler is a hydroponic system that combines a recirculating dripper system with deep water culture style cultivation.

Both of these styles of growing are very effective in their own right, but the combination has a synergistic effect, resulting in explosive rapid growth and incredible yields. A small bed of coarse medium (clay pebbles) is constantly drip fed by a drip ring which drainsdown into a highly oxygenated reservoir below that will eventually be filled by the plant’s roots.The deep roots that reach the lower tank have unlimited access to the highly oxygenated nutrient solution whilst the top half of the root system is on a constant drip feed.

Each Brummie Bubbler Kit contains everything you need to set the system up which includes:

1x Rectangular 80L Reservior (785mm x 485mm x300mm)

1X 16.5L Planting tray (450mm x 308mm x 170mm)

1x Hailea Dual Outlet Adjustable Air Pump

2x Golf Ball Air Stones

1x Hailea HX-1500 400L/hour Adjustable Water Pump

1x Plant !t Flow Ring T-Piece

1x 31cm length of Clear Airline

1x 20cm length of 8mm ID Nylon Drip Tube

1x 37cm length of 13mm Flexi Pipe

All you need is a small amount of coarse medium (we suggest expanded clay pebbles) and a plant of your choice!

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