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Winter Warm Up

As the temperatures drop, your plants will need extra warmth. Cold damage is not always easy to spot, and many growers may misdiagnose it as a disease or deficiency. The most common cause is temperatures falling overnight, inflicting mild cold injuries on sensitive plants.

What happens

As the lights in your room go off the temperature in you grow room can plummet, this is bad on many levels.

1  The heat in you room drops significantly and quickly this shocks your plants and can stop them feeding losing yield.  Temperature of your grow room over night or when lights are off is also crucial for when lights go back on, humidity can increase due to the quick increase of temperatures and your plants don’t start feeding straight away as the root ball is so cold this loses you time and yield. 



2  humidity in your grow room will also shoot up.  If you are in flower when this happens it could give you problems with Botrytis also known as bud rot causing you to lose yield.   

Plant deficiencies can be mistaken for cold temps, this is a night mare as you could end up spending money on products that you don’t need trying to fix a problem that could be fixed by buying the correct equipment

Cold Damage Symptoms include:

  • Wilting
  • Leaf curling
  • Discolouration
  • Damaged spots

How to prevent this happening

  • Ensure that you have a fan speed controller that checks temperature and regulates both intake and outtake fans
  • Ensure that you have a heater or heaters big enough for the space that you are in
  • Ensure that you a good quality thermostat
  • Ensure that you have a water heater

It’s important that this equipment is installed in your grow room. 

Fan speed controllers ensure that when your lights go off, the fans you have removing the hot air in the day, or lights on period slow down. They do this by measuring the temperature in the air.  The temperature should be set on the controller at around 26-28° C, as the lights go off there is nothing warming the grow room, there for the temperature drops and the fans reduce in speed.

Heaters and thermostat - at this point you want the heaters in your room to kick in, this way there should be a nice cross over between light on and lights off period with drops or spikes in temperature to a minimum.  Thermostat’s are crucial as you don’t want the heat to become too great and dry you plants out.

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