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Viva la Revolution!

There are a few special times in a lifetime, when something comes along and genuinely makes you double take in awe. The Revolution Deva 1000w DE HPS grow light is precisely one of those products!

We take looking for new products VERY seriously here at Greenspirit Hydroponics. Sometimes it be a little overwhelming for a grower to cut through the marketing jive, as every product is usually claimed to be the best thing since sliced bread. We take pride in cutting through the chaff to make sure you only get products that genuinely do the job, and do it well!

The new 1000w double ended HPS fixture from Revolution Micro, is one product that immediately caught our eye. Why? Well firstly, it looks dead sexy, that usually helps! Secondly, it genuinely has unique features that set it apart from the competition. Thirdly, once we had tested it we were literally blown away at how well it works!

Aptly titled

Yes, it does sound a bit cheesy, but it really is a revolution for an indoor grower. Although, double ended lamps aren’t necessarily much of a new thing anymore, the rest of the technology that makes up the DEva is really what makes it shine. Rather than having been developed for huge, high bay greenhouse installations where a completely different set of principles are required, the Revolution DEva has been designed specifically with the indoor hydroponic grower in mind.


As opposed to greenhouse lighting, where lights are hung as high as possible, and to have as small a shade as possible (to avoid blocking out sunlight), the DEva reflector has been custom designed to provide a footprint of light that is much more suitable to an indoor grow room. As well as simply being designed with a much more beneficial shape, it is made from 97% reflective, German made Miro Aluminium, giving you a terrifically uniform and intense foot print of light. Truly robust and super reflective all in one! Check out the data further below to see exactly what you are getting!

Unique ballast/driver design

The ballast for the DEva works using square wave technology. This results in the unit emitting virtually no Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). In fact, it is less than your iPad kicks out, so the chances of it interfering with other people’s radios or broadcasting equipment are non-existent. The unique square wave technology also results in a better colour rendering from the exact same high-end Ushio Pro Plus 400v 1000w double ended lamp that is used in Gavita lights. Same total output, but of a slightly better quality!

All the components inside the ballast are ISO certified. The capacitors used are avionic grade and are much more efficient at removing heat that ones you will find in other top end grow lights. Not only are they of a superior grade, but there are twice the amount of them as well! This design means that overheating is a thing of the past, which therefore means a much longer shelf life, it is rated to run for 36 years!! Just imagine how many crops that would get you!


It not just the size of your boat, it’s the motion in the ocean! At least so the wife says. The RLC-1 controller for the Revolution DEva grow lights is a fantastic rival to other controllers of this calibre, such as the Gavita Master Controller, or the Dimlux controller. It can control anywhere up to 512 1000w lights, which can be split over two independently operating grow rooms, so you don’t have to have all your eggs in one basket. On top of that, no inrush of current is generated when the lights are turned on, meaning no unwanted spikes from your electrical grid.

It’s not just the timing of lights it controls of course, sunrise and sunset options are there allowing you to mimic the splendour of mother nature in your basement. Combined with the thermostatic control to dim your lights if the temperature spirals out of control, you should never suffer from excessive transpiration, or an extreme Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD). The heat from your lights will never get the better of your grow room again!


If you turn the controller upside down, you will notice a few Auxiliary ports. This might well sound boring, but it is possibly one of the most exciting features of the controller. It means that this unit has the potential to be compatible with all sorts of other grow room devices, not just your lights. Maxigrow have developed a compatible set of relays that work with this and allow you to operate hydroponic equipment when the lights are either on or off.

What does that realistically mean though? What impact does that actually have inside your grow room? Well for starters, you can run a bank of CMH lights at the same time as a bank of HPS lights, making a full spectrum grow room an absolute breeze. Secondly you can have heaters or de-humidifiers controlled to come on for when your lights turn off, to make sure cold winter nights don’t catch you unawares. The scalability and possibilities for a truly automated grow room are almost endless, a huge amount of power in the palm of your hands!

In Practice

When we got our grubby mits on these lights, we just had to see what they can do. So, with a grid based recording system and our trusty PAR sensor light meter, we decided to see exactly what sort of footprint of light you get out of these bad boys. If you check the below 3D graph out, you can see that when we measured at the distance of meter from the light, we got an intense and very nicely uniform spread of light over the total area.


As you can see, it is fairy intense, even at one meter from the lights source! Also, over the total area, the uniformity of light is great. For your grow room, this footprint of light means every plant will be getting a nicely homogenous number of photons, and you won’t end up with an un-even canopy. This is a much more preferential spread of light when compared to other units on the market that focus mainly on growing in greenhouses.

Instore showcase

To be honest, the best way to see exactly how epic the Revolution DEva is you need to get yourselves down to one of our stores where we have set up some grow tents to show exactly how the Revolution DEva trumps the competition, and fully demonstrate all its features. Going through things in the flesh is always the best way to get a feel for a product, but in the mean time you can check out this quick video we made. It’s our very own Sam having a chinwag with Maxigrow’s Laurence, talking through a few of the key features, and showing off our humble display tents.


Now Available as a kit!



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