What are Hydroponic Grow Systems and How Do They Work?

A Grow System Is Something that is controlled and contained.


Our Hydroponics systems work by being able to control the environment that they are in. From the temperature of the room, to the nutrients in the soil. The amount of light that they recieve from Grow Lights and the amount of water they are given.

Basically, a Hydronponics grow system is everything that a plant would need outside but controlled indoors. Often Indoor Grow Tents and the perfect surroundings for this to happen.

This means that in a highly controlled environment your plants will thrive more so than they may do outside. By having this much control you are minimising the risks of insects eating your plants, pesticides and producing a much healthier crop.



Here at Green Spirit Hydroponics we have staff who have been here for years who know a thing or two when it comes down to anything Hydroponics and Horticulture related. The majority of them have green fingers and love what they do.

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