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Solistek: Let There Be Light!

We syphon through lots of products before deciding whether they are worth putting on our shelves. There’s no point stocking products just for the sake of it, there has got to be something special about them if they want our backing! 


Check out this little bit of info on these new, remotely controlled Solis Tek ballasts.


If you are in the market for a new grow light, then you couldn’t really be in much of a better position. There are a huge range of companies now on the market so the choice for you as a grower is pretty phenomenal. If you do need to resort to a cheap hydroponic grow light, then of course that option is there, but you really are missing out considering the how awesome the high end grow lights are now. With ridiculous outputs, wide ranging spectrums and diverse functionalities, Solis Tek products are the perfect example of a good quality grow light that deserves a rightful spot in your grow room.

The SolisTek Matrix Digital Ballast - Packed full of functionality!


She’s a looker

So, the first thing that might strike you when you gaze upon the Solis Tek Matrix ballast, is just how god damn sexy it is. With its sleek black metal finish and curvaceous cooling fins, it really does look the part. It is not merely style over substance though, the fins ensure the innards remain nice and cool, prolonging its life span and saving you cash in the long run!

The second thing that might catch your eye is the funky little LCD display screen on the end of the ballast. Once again not only does it look super-cool, but it also is highly functional, displaying the ballasts settings so you know exactly what is happening with each ballast with a quick glance. The colour of the LCD is green, so fear not about the display interrupting with the dark cycle!

She has a brain too

Not only does it look great, but it can think for itself too! With built in self-diagnostics, any faults are quickly flagged up prior to ignition to avoid any down time in your room. Then, when they do turn on, ignition control will sequentially fire the ballasts up, making sure each light has the perfect start. Each Solis Tek Matrix digital ballast has its own built in timer meaning you can completely customise your on and off times for any cycle you may require, removing the need for any external timing equipment! So, she’s a looker, she’s clever and she saves you both time and money. Beat that Tinder!

Remotely control all of your ballasts with the touch of a screen

She will do you every bidding

Quite possibly the most exciting part to all of this is the remote control. This nifty little gadget allows you to remotely control change the settings for all of your grow lights. All the timings can be programmed, plus a whole bunch more, simply with a few presses on the touch screen. So, whether you are sat watching your favourite Jeremy Kyle episode or being held hostage by your bowels on the toilet, you are still able to change any setting on the lights you so wish.

It looks just like a tablet and feels really nice to hold in your hands too. With a super easy interface to go through as well it couldn’t be simpler to control things. Flip-flop grow rooms, sunrise/sunset hours, auto shut off functions and even a datalogging capacity, there is almost nothing it can’t do. Complete functionality from the palm of your hand, the Solis Tek Remote control for the Matrix ballasts couldn’t really make you grow room life much easier if they tried. 

Also comes as a super sexy full fixture, complete with reflector

Full Package

The Solis Tek matrix range also comes as a complete full fixture in the 1000w DE versions. This, of course, incorporates the reflector designed by Solis Tek themselves, mounted directly on to the ballast. The reflector gives a fantastic spread of light, having been carefully designed with the modern grow room in mind. Every part of the full fixture having been designed to work in complete harmony, so you can be sure that this is one of the highest quality hydroponic grow lights you can find!

Check out our in store set up of the lights in action!

See her in the flesh

As you would expect, we couldn’t get these set up any faster when they arrived, we had to see exactly just how amazing they really were. After having had a play around with them, we feel that the Matrix range by Solis Tek truly is the next generation of hydroponic grow lights - you would be mad not to consider buying them for your next room! Check out this little video of our Sam talking through all their in’s and out’s, to get more of an idea of what they are all about.


It’s all good talking about something but until you see it in the flesh you never quite get the full picture. Again, how many times has Tinder let you down in the same way? Smutty jokes aside, it was no surprise that we weren’t let down with their performance in any way. The Solis Tek Matrix series of hydroponic grow lights truly are something special, so feel free to pop down to our store and check them out for yourselves.

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