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Grow Room Update October





1Here are some of our chilli plants (two Peach Ghost Scorpions and four Naga Jolokia) which we recently re-potted into bigger pots full of coco. The three on the right have also been potted in with Ecothrive's Charge frass  which should create a larger mycorrhizal network leading to a better uptake of nutrients and ultimately a healthier, larger plant. We'll come back to these in a few weeks and compare the results, and we also have a video to upload to our YouTube channel  very soon showing this re-potting process and explaining the benefits of Charge.

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Here are some more chillies in a hydroponic system (if you can't tell, we like chillies here at Green Spirit). These plants have been in the system for over three months and we're running them under the Botanicare Pure Blend Pro  line of nutrients; you can see new root growth is forming. They're actually in a bloom state at the moment and are trying to produce fruit but that's because they've been receiving light coming through the roof in the mornings in the long days of summer. Ideally we'd like them to return to a veg state and grow a bit more and now the days are getting shorter we shouldn't have any ambient light coming through the shop roof in the mornings.
FYI: Chillies are known as a 'long day plant' meaning they bloom during long days such as 18/6. A light cycle of 12/12 keeps them in a grow state.

Our tomato plant is continuing to bear fruit and grow larger daily.


And here are some of our chillies which we are drying out above the radiator before enjoying them!

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