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Grow room pests?? Prevention is better than the cure!

Preventing bugs from entering your grow room is essential to maintain healthy plants. Especially during the summer months, when there are more and more insects, it is essential to protect your crop. The most vulnerable entrance for a grow room is the air intake system, because plants need a reasonable amount of fresh air, there has to be an opening to introduce this ventilation. Because some insects are really small, they can access most crevices with ease or they can get drawn in through the fan. The simplest method of blocking these pests is the Bug barrier. This simple accessory is composed of a super fine mesh which prevents insects (and dust particles) from entering the fan/grow room without greatly impacting the air flow. Attaching the Bug Barrier to the end of your intake ducting is very straightforward, they’re available in several sizes to accommodate your inline fan system and feature a velcro fixing system for a secure fit.

The bug barrier is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly technique to keep your Grow room bug-free!!

Additional bug prevention can be obtained by using the new Shield range of products. The diffuser produces aromas which repel the insects or additionally the sulphur vaporiser exterminates any pests which may have inhabited your plants.

Hindsight is a great thing though and if you’re already at the stage where the creepy crawlies have invaded your grow space, there are several things you can do.

Again, the Shield Sulphur Vaporiser  can annihilate your creepy crawly enemies without any affect on your plant’s health.

The Shield Diffuser used with the diffuser liquid fills your grow space with an odour which is pleasant to humans but insects despise meaning they will avoid remaining for long.

Should you wish to apply a product directly to your plants using a spray, there are numerous products to choose from. SB Plant Invigorator & Bug Killer is an excellent environmentally friendly solution which is non-toxic and perfectly safe to use on edible crops. Another is Pyrethrum 5EC which is a Natural Organic Insecticide.

For particular types of pest, specific formulas can be introduced such as Spider mite Terminator or thrips terminator crop protection systems.

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