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Ecothrive and Biobizz Open Day

Ecothrive and Biobizz Open Day


To beat the inescapable January blues, we’re putting together an expert open day on 29th January 2020 with two companies we’re incredibly proud to stock. 

We’ll be visited by Biobizz and Ecothrive on Wednesday 29th January, wherein reps from each company will be available to offer best-use advice on their full range of products, as well as extra information about what actually goes into the products you’re using on your plants. 

You can expect free samples, expert knowledge from the people who actually make the products you’re using, and a chance to chat to other growers interested in organics and natural alternatives to some of the other additives and nutrients out there. 

Both Biobizz and Ecothrive care massively about the ingredients, the benefits, and the science behind what they create and sell, and we hope the collaborative open day will be an excellent chance to learn a bit more about how these products can help your grow room to thrive. 

If you’re not sure if the open day’s for you, here’s a little bit more about the two companies: 


“Ecothrive offers natural, organic products centred around promoting beneficial soil biology, improving plant health and increasing yields.”

Ecothrive products are suitable and used by hobby growers as well as professionals who are interested in achieving long-term, stable benefits for their plants with genuine growth via simple but tested methods and ingredients. 

All Ecothrive products are manufactured in the UK, and the brand is local to us at Green Spirit, being just down the road in Sheffield.  

Products include: Neutralise, Biosys, Charge, Coco Lite, Coco Clay, Coco Pro, Life Cycle, Eco Life.


Biobizz are committed to organic growing from seed to harvest, and since 1992 have created a wide range of eco-friendly biological products. It’s their aim to make organic growing accessible for all growers, no matter your plant of choice or set up size. 

A huge amount of dedicated research goes into every Biobizz, and they are confident in the consistency of their biological products, meaning you can be sure you’re getting top quality product every time. 

Founded in the Netherlands, Biobizz now have sites in Spain, France, England and North America. 

Products include: PH Regulators, Fertilisers, Stimulants, Boosters, Activators, Strengtheners, Substrates, Substrate Enhancers, Dry Fertiliser. 

For more details on the open day, including times and a bit more on what to expect, keep an eye on our social feeds and website, and be sure to sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to find out about everything Green Spirit has going on.

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