1. April 29, 2022

    Grow Room Fans - Hydroponics

    Grow Room Fans

    Have you got enough to keep your grow room and plants cool from your lights and the temperatures that this summer will bring?

    With our IV:XX Fans we've got you covered so don't worry.

    Our 16’’ IV:XX 420 Time to Grow 40w Oscillating Wall Fan

    This features a 16’’ fan blade with three separate speed settings. Pull cords alternate between settings.

    A well-positioned wall fan can help keep air circulating throughout a grow room and avoid any potential hotspots which may be created by lighting equipment and other heat sources.

    Our Grow Room fans will keep your plants cool all summer.

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  2. August 03, 2016


    Air Cooled Lighting

    During the summer months, maintaining consistent temperatures in your grow room can be quite a challenge. As the temperatures soar outside, it can be difficult to protect plants from the heat inside, especially with the additional heat produced by the grow lights. The most effective way to manage grow room temperatures in warmer weather is to use Air Cooled Lighting.  Warm air is extracted from the lamp area out of the grow room/tent thus reducing the impact of the heat emitted by the lamp.

    There are several advantages to using air cooled lighting in your grow room. Unlike the grow room temperature, the relative humidity is not affected when using an air cooled system (with an outside air input) which removes the heat with minimal disruption to the climate of the grow space.  They also work effectively in smaller spaces and low-height grow rooms meaning more compact grow tents cant be used to their full potential without overheating. Air cooled grow lights can be located closer to plants than standard lamps so your plant still receives maximum intensity but at a cooler temperature therefore reducing the risks such as burning or low humidity in a smaller space.

    air cooled diagram


    • Use air from outside the grow space to ventilate the air cooled lamp
    • position inline fan BEFORE the reflectors to blow air through them rather than afterwards to create positive pressure and prolong your fan lifespan. If you are sucking the air through rather than blowing through any gaps within your reflector will draw air through which bypasses your
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  3. June 07, 2016


    Temperature Control

    Summer is here, and with it comes the hotter days. As a grower, dealing with these hot temperatures in the grow room can be an ongoing battle that is a hard one to win. These hot temperatures will cause an increase in water and air temperatures which can both be extremely detrimental to plant growth and development.

    When growing in soilless hydroponic systems water temperature is just as important as the temperature of the rest of your room. When the temperature of the nutrient solution in your system is too low, plants will struggle to uptake and processes will slow to a halt. Too high a temperature decreases the oxygen content within the water, and creates an ideal environment for anaerobic organisms to thrive such as Pythium that cause root rot, disease and in worst case scenarios will kill your plants. Using a water chiller to cool your nutrient solution will prevent the loss of oxygen and will stave off the harmful organisms. Optimal water temperature is around 18 Celsius, anymore than this the oxygen content will start to decrease to levels that can be hazardous.

    When it comes to maintaining good air temperature within your grow room, air conditioning units are the most effective way to create source of cold air. On the other hand they are not cheap to purchase or to run, and also create a large amount of excess heat that needs to be deposited away from your grow area.

    Without the use of air conditioning units there are a few products that can help you get through the hot and trying summer months helping you to deal with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius. The addition of extra carbon

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  4. October 01, 2015


    Grow Room Update October

    1Here are some of our chilli plants (two Peach Ghost Scorpions and four Naga Jolokia) which we recently re-potted into bigger pots full of coco. The three on the right have also been potted in with Ecothrive's Charge frass  which should create a larger mycorrhizal network leading to a better uptake of nutrients and ultimately a healthier, larger plant. We'll come back to these in a few weeks and compare the results, and we also have a video to upload to our YouTube channel  very soon showing this re-potting process and explaining the benefits of Charge.

    3 2

    Here are some more chillies in a hydroponic system (if you can't tell, we like chillies here at Green Spirit). These plants have been in the system for over three months and we're running them under the Botanicare Pure Blend Pro  line of nutrients; you can see new root growth is forming. They're actually in a bloom state at the moment
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  5. July 03, 2015



    Exciting news here at Green Spirit!!!


    We have our first corn! 

    This is one of our 2 corn plants which are thriving in our trojan 120 x 240 tent grow room and  is using a new sun master i grow 4 way controllergrow ballast and an air cooled supernova reflector to create maximum light diffusion. They are planted in the new DNA Ultimate soil which means they don’t require additional nutrients. 

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKeep a look out for further posts and more developments!

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  6. July 02, 2015


    Growing Chillies


    We started off these various types of chillis (including jalapeños, gusto, super long and raam varieties) in jiffy peat propagation plugs for 2 weeks until they were established enough to be transferred to pots containing supreme light mix soil. As this soil contains nutrients already, we have not yet used any further additives/enzymes whilst they are in this vulnerable transitional stage.


    Our grow room is a trojan 120 x 240 tent using a new sun master igrow 4 way controller, igrow ballasts and an air cooled supernova reflector. This ideal set up is giving these chillies the best chance of maturing quickly and healthily.

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  7. July 02, 2015


    Growing corn in the UK


    This is one of our 2 corn plants which are thriving in our trojan 120 x 240 tent grow room and  is using a new sun master i grow 4 way controllergrow ballast and an air cooled supernova reflector to create maximum light diffusion. 

    They are planted in the new DNA Ultimate soil which means they don’t require additional nutrients. In these optimum conditions, these corn plants have doubled in size in only the last two weeks.

    _tomato-2As you can see, we also have some tomato plants in our grow room which are growing fast and strong in the same soil and conditions as the corn



    We will keep you updated on their progress in future blog posts. 

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