1. June 23, 2022

    Canna Coco 20L Nutrient Now In Stock

    Canna Coco 20L Nutrient Now In Stock!

    After years of research into potting mixes, drainage, and leaf analyses, CANNA has become the first company to create a fertiliser that is specifically tailored to the characteristics of cocos substrates. CANNA COCO contains high-value minerals as well as natural chelates, humic and fulvic acids, which provide the plant with optimal nutrient absorption.

    For years, growers all over the world have been enthralled by CANNA COCO's explosive growth and profuse flowering. CANNA COCO nutrients are used for both the growth and flowering phases due to the unique buffering properties of the COCO medium.

    CANNA COCO is a complete professional plant nutrient that contains all of the necessary elements for optimal growth and flowering. Because it interacts with the growing medium, CANNA COCO can be used for the growing and blooming phases when combined with a quality COCO substrate growing medium (like CANNA COCO). CANNA COCO is simple to use, dissolves quickly, and is ideal for growing in pots or with "run to waste" systems.

    20L capacity Now In Stock.

    See here to buy Canna Coco 20L

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  2. June 08, 2022

    Magna Mater Nutrients - Huge Yields

    Got to be the best product out there on the market right now according to our customers who have given us great feedback????

    The Idea behind Magna Mater Nutrients arised from a desire to create something unique. Not just another set of essential nutrients, but something out of the box. Years of research, development went into creating these products. We are a UK company with years of experience in knowing what growers really want from their nutrients and additives, and we've created a range of products that combines exceptional performance with great value dilution rates.

    We only make nutrients that are scientifically superior to what is already available on the market.

    If you want great yields, and more product that makes your money go further then there is no better option on the market right now. 
    The Magna Mater range also massively boosts the young plants immune response, helping strengthen young cuttings preventing disease.
    This product is also great value with dilution rates that will blow your mind!
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  3. May 25, 2022

    Maxibright Juno Pro 720w LED Now In Stock

    Maxibright Juno Pro 720w LED Now In Stock!

    The JUNO LED PRO 1800 is an affordable yet incredibly powerful LED fixture from Maxibright which boasts a high total light output of 1800 μmol/s (PPF) of uniform, full spectrum light with added red for enhanced flowering. Featuring 6 bars of high quality MaxiLED chips, optimised to perfectly cover a 1.5 x 1.5m area.  

    Foldable for easy transport and installation. Including a remote dimmer, and the option to control multiple units using the JUNO LED lighting controller for ultimate control over your grow light. This LED fixture offers the same uncompromising level of quality and performance that you would expect from all Maxibright products.

    Read the full listing here Maxibright Juno Pro 720w LED 

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  4. May 10, 2022

    Growing Media - Hydroponics

    Growing Media - Hydroponics

    Growing media is a mixture of nutrients, water, and air that aids plant growth.

    The Media offers much-needed support to the plants, while added fertilisers supply the nutrients. Water and air are contained within the media's pore spaces.

    CANNA, EcoThrive, BioBizz, Gold Label, Jiffy, Mills Nutrients and House and Garden are just a handful of the brands available at Green Spirit.

    If you require any assistance or advice, our personnel in our shops in Sheffield and Barnsley are always willing to assist because they are knowledgeable and love what they do.

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  5. April 29, 2022

    Grow Room Fans - Hydroponics

    Grow Room Fans

    Have you got enough to keep your grow room and plants cool from your lights and the temperatures that this summer will bring?

    With our IV:XX Fans we've got you covered so don't worry.

    Our 16’’ IV:XX 420 Time to Grow 40w Oscillating Wall Fan

    This features a 16’’ fan blade with three separate speed settings. Pull cords alternate between settings.

    A well-positioned wall fan can help keep air circulating throughout a grow room and avoid any potential hotspots which may be created by lighting equipment and other heat sources.

    Our Grow Room fans will keep your plants cool all summer.

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  6. March 31, 2022

    Growing With Added UVA/Far Red

    Growing with added UVA and Far Red.

    Photosynthetic Active Radiation or PAR refers to the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that is visible as light. Plants use this light energy to drive photosynthesis, grow and reproduce. The spectrum is measured in nanometers (nm) and for many years it was agreed that the range of visible light (PAR) sits between 400nm and 700nm. At the low end of the PAR range is blue light and at the upper end is red light.

    Recent plant research suggests that expanding the spectrum of light outside of the “traditional” PAR range has significant effects on plant behaviour and that usable range is 380nm to 780nm.

    The Dio-Tech UVA/FR Light Bars does just that. It extends the spectrum to include not only visible light, but also UVA and Far Red, for optimal plant performance.

    What are the benefits of UVA?

    Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 315nm and 400nm is classed as UVA. This wavelength induces a stress response within the plants, much as it does in humans, to develop compounds that will protect its cells from being damaged by prolonged exposure.

    Receiving UVA radiation stimulates the plants natural defences and encourages it to develop thicker, waxier leaves. This helps protect the plant against biotic stress factors, like pests, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Research also suggests that UVA deters certain species of sucking insects.

    Most importantly, exposure to UVA during the flowering period stimulates the production of resin, terpene and flavonoid compounds, and increases biomass.

    The benefits of

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  7. October 28, 2019


    Five Ways to Help Your Plants This Winter

    As temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your grow room, and more importantly your plants, warm this winter. A cold snap can seriously damage and at times even kill your plants. Prepare your grow room and your setup, and you’ll minimise the negative side effects of winter chills. To make it even easier for you this winter, we've taken off 10% from everything in our Seasonal Selection - the discount will automatically be deducted at check out.

    Monitor Temperatures

    While your lights are on, you should be ideally looking to keep your room temperature between 25°C - 28°C, falling to a range of 18°C-21°C while your lights are off. When thinking about your room temperature, consider setting your "Lights On" period for during the night, when the room will naturally be the coolest, and your "Lights Off" period for during the day.

    You should always keep a keen eye on the temperatures your grow room is reaching so you can act accordingly, but in the winter it's more important than ever. Installing a classic wall-mounted analogue thermometer (also available with a push button min/max option) is a cheap and easy way of giving yourself that constant reminder.

    Digital thermometers are a

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  8. September 10, 2019


    How to Dechlorinate Your Water 

    When you’re watering your plants, it may be tempting to reach for the kitchen or garden tap and use straight unfiltered tap water. Unfortunately, the various elements in tap water will interfere with your plants’ absorption of nutrients and supplements, and stunt your potential growth and yield. Using fresh tap water on your soil or growing media will kill a number of microbes in the root zone, primarily throughout the top ⅓ of your pot and your surface area.

    The most common problem you’ll encounter with tap water is the chlorine present. Plants are able to absorb chlorine, but they only need very minimal quantities, and you shouldn’t ever need to add any. Watering or irrigating with tap water will over chlorinate your plants. Over chlorination will result in reduced growth and yields. On average, tap water in the UK has a 0.5mg/l of chlorine. Water companies attempt to meet this standard, but it can vary slightly either way, up to around 1mg/l.

    In addition to chlorine, tap water also contains chloramines. Chloramines can be even more damaging to your plantlife than chlorine. Chloramines are typically used as water sanitizers, and contain chemical compounds of chlorine and ammonia.

    What Are Your Options?

    Allow Your Chlorine to Evaporate Naturally

    While it may not be the quickest or most exact method, if you leave your water (either in a bucket or a tub) uncovered and in a well ventilated area, the chlorine will evaporate over time. The time needed for this method to be effective will be entirely dependent on the size of your receptacle and the amoun

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  9. January 15, 2019


    VPD - Vapour Pressure Deficit

    As implied by the word "deficit" we're talking about the difference between the theoretical pressure exerted by water vapour held in saturated air (100% RH at a given temperature) and the pressure exerted by the water vapour that is actually held in the air being measured at the same given temperature.

    In essence, it is the consequence of the imbalance between temperature and relative humidity.

    ⬇︎LOW Humidity + ⬆︎ HIGH Temperature = as air warms it expands and has the ability to hold more water

    ⬆︎HIGH Humidity + ⬇︎LOW Temperature = as air cools and contracts vapour concentrates and can fall or condense out of the air as water

    Temperature control and humidity maintenance are essential for the prevention of VPD. There are several ways to monitor your grow room and ensure these optimal levels (see table) are maintained.

    To learn more about humidity, check out our humidity blog -

    There are several products you can get to manage your humidity levels.

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  10. November 29, 2018



    As the temperatures drop, your plants will need extra warmth. Cold damage is not always easy to spot, and many growers may misdiagnose it as a disease or deficiency. The most common cause is temperatures falling overnight, inflicting mild cold injuries on sensitive plants.

    What happens

    As the lights in your room go off the temperature in you grow room can plummet, this is bad on many levels.

    1  The heat in you room drops significantly and quickly this shocks your plants and can stop them feeding losing yield.  Temperature of your grow room over night or when lights are off is also crucial for when lights go back on, humidity can increase due to the quick increase of temperatures and your plants don’t start feeding straight away as the root ball is so cold this loses you time and yield. 



    2  humidity in your grow room will also shoot up.  If you are in flower when this happens it could give you problems with Botrytis also known as bud rot causing you to lose yield.   

     Plant deficiencies can be mistaken for cold temps, this is a night mare as you could end up spending money on products that you don’t need trying to fix a problem that could be fixed by buying the correct equipment

    Cold Damage Symptoms include:

    • Wilting
    • Leaf curling
    • Discolouration
    • Damaged spots

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