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Black Friday Savings!

Black Friday 2019 is here! Over the last decade or so the UK has truly got on board with this event that started in the USA, but this year we wanted to turn the focus onto all the great companies in the hydroponics industry that are based here in the United Kingdom. We've got a list of 13 companies based in the British Isles and you'll get 25% off anything from their range if you purchase today!


Growers Ark
Buddha's Tree
Plant Magic
Silver Bullet
Rocket Fuel
Maxibright (lamps only)
BHO Hardware 

Based in Coventry, VitaLink produce nutrients, additives and growing media for hydro, coco coir and soil growing. In the recognisable blue bottle, they cover a range of growing abilities from beginner to professional.

We're very proud to stock products by four companies based in Sheffield, just like us. One is Growers Ark, trading since 2006. They strive to use only the highest technical grade salts, and their biological components are also very high quality, plus they're from sustainable resources and from organic sources, where possible.

Another Sheffield company is Ecothrive, who have a wonderful range of organic, Soil Association-approved products, one of the most popular being Charge. This is insect 'frass', an easy-to-use soil enhancer that is full of beneficial biology for your garden.

Buddhas Tree focus obsessively on providing the grower with innovative and safe-to-use products for the grower. You can be sure of clean, healthy crops when you buy these guys' nutrients.

Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer works with any medium and nutrient program, and they're another company with an emphasis on clean growing. This brewed bio stimulant creates the perfect environment for plant health, growth and superior terpene production.

Based in Lancashire, Plant Magic create a range of nutrients that promote beneficial fungi, bacteria and natural stimulants for the plant to be the healthiest it can be. They also work in both hard and soft water.

With Silver Bullet, another Sheffield company, the clue is in the name. Using hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver this product destroys 99.99% of plant diseases, meaning you can kiss goodbye to bacteria, detritus and mould!

Last but not least, Maxibright has been making horticultural lighting since 1996 and is a brand you can trust with 3-year guarantees on many of their products. If you're in the market for a new lamp, now is the time to buy using our 25% discount! And from the same company come Maxifans, 3-speed floor fans for moving air around in a tent or room.


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