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  1. April 29, 2022

    Grow Room Fans - Hydroponics

    Grow Room Fans

    Have you got enough to keep your grow room and plants cool from your lights and the temperatures that this summer will bring?

    With our IV:XX Fans we've got you covered so don't worry.

    Our 16’’ IV:XX 420 Time to Grow 40w Oscillating Wall Fan

    This features a 16’’ fan blade with three separate speed settings. Pull cords alternate between settings.

    A well-positioned wall fan can help keep air circulating throughout a grow room and avoid any potential hotspots which may be created by lighting equipment and other heat sources.

    Our Grow Room fans will keep your plants cool all summer.

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  2. April 12, 2022

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights, Lighting

    Plants obviously need Sun light to grow, but when natural sunlight is harder to come by then a great alternative is to grow inside with Grow Lights. There are several different types that you could choose from, including plasma, fluorescent, HID (High-Intensity Discharge), and LED. Out of all the above-mentioned types, LED is worthy of your attention, and here’s why:

    1 - Quicker Plant Cycle

    Plants do not get sun 24 hours a day, but with LED Grow Lighting, your plants can have access to the 'Sun' for much longer as long as your lights are kept on.

    2 - Longer Life Span

    LED Grow Lights last much longer than an ordinary bulb

    3 - Energy Saving

    LED Lighting does not burn anything to get bright meaning a lesser cost to your electricity bill.

    4 - Environmently Friendly

    LED grow lights, can be fully recycled, making them an eco-friendly alternative to HID lights. Those lights contain fairly high amounts of mercury, which can be very harsh on the environment – especially when it’s burned. LED grow lights, on the other hand, do not contain these harmful substances, which means the air around you and your lights will not be compromised. You’ll be saving yourself and saving the environment, all in one shot.

    5 - Healthy Plants

    No burning and no UV damage. LED Grow Lights are a much better alternative for the plant and for the environment.

    Take a look at our own brand of LED Grow Lights 'Control LED'.

    - GSH


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  3. April 08, 2022

    Grow Shops Near Me

    Have you been looking for a Grow Shop near you?


    We currently have 2 Grow Shops, one based in Sheffield and one at Barnsley. As the UK's number 1 supplier we supply grow shops across the UK, and even abroad. If you don't live within proximity to 1 of our stores then we have everything online at the best prices just click here to see.

    If there is something that you are after that you can't see then feel free to give us a call, drop us a message on our Socials or send us an email.


    - GSH

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  4. April 05, 2022

    We Are Recruiting For A Sales Advisor

    We Are Recruiting for a Sales Assistant Salary


    - Minimum Wage - 40 Hours/Week + Weekend

    We are looking for a self-starting, organised and motivated sales assistant for a fast-paced retail operation based in S70, Birdwell Barnsley.

    This is for the BHO Hardware arm of the business. Your role will be to serve customers as they come into the shop and ensure that all deliveries are brought into the building and stored appropriately, ensuring a high level of housekeeping and stock availability at all times.

    You will be part of a small team in a fast moving environment. This role involves a lot of physical work and is demanding. Full driving license and previous horticultural experience is desired but not necessary. All necessary workplace training will be given.


    The Ideal Person Would:


    • Be excited about the challenge of a varied and fast-paced job

    • Be flexible, supportive and always ready to go the extra mile

    • Be willing to learn about how to use the equipment we sell in order to advise customers

    • Maintain excellent time keeping Experience of working in a retail environment is essential, preferably within a high volume, fast paced business


    The Role Involves: 


    • Accurately picking, packing and checking customer orders

    • Processing customer orders through the Point Of Sale system and taking payment

    • Advising customers both about the equipment we sell and on popular growing techniques (after being given training from the sales team)

    • Testing and processing customer returns

    • Upselling and advising add on products to customers

    • Assisting the warehouse team when necessary.

    • Carrying out routine stock inspections and always working with a focus on stock accuracy.

    • Cleaning and maintaining the shop area will also

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