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  1. November 29, 2019


    Black Friday Savings!

    Black Friday 2019 is here! Over the last decade or so the UK has truly got on board with this event that started in the USA, but this year we wanted to turn the focus onto all the great companies in the hydroponics industry that are based here in the United Kingdom. We've got a list of 13 companies based in the British Isles and you'll get 25% off anything from their range if you purchase today!


    Growers Ark
    Buddha's Tree
    Plant Magic
    Silver Bullet
    Rocket Fuel
    Maxibright (lamps only)
    BHO Hardware 

    Based in Coventry, VitaLink produce nutrients, additives and growing media for hydro, coco coir and soil growing. In the recognisable blue bottle, they cover a range of growing abilities from beginner to professional.

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  2. November 19, 2019


    Botanicare Brand Spotlight

    Botanicare is a leading brand of plant nutrients, additives and supplements, world-renowned for their commitment to the science of plant growth. 

    The original Botanicare product! Here's where it all began. Pure Blend Tea contains all the required components for maximizing both the flavours and the aromas of your plants. You'll find: vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, ultra-soluble humates, fulvic acid and carbohydrates packed inside to give your plants just what they need. The formula is completely water-soluble, and delivers excellent performance in soil and hydroponic gardens.

    Pure Blend Tea

    Meet your plants' metabolic demands through bloom with the Botanicare Sweet range, including Raw, Grape, Citrus and Berry. Sweet is intended to enhance and bring out the natural scents and sweet tastes of your plant, but will not alter or modify these in any way, only strengthen them. This is done by increasing the production of terpenes and essential oils. As with Pure Blend Tea, the Sweet range is water soluble and fine to use with hydroponic systems as well as soil.

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