Five Ways to Help Your Plants This Winter

As temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your grow room, and more importantly your plants, warm this winter. A cold snap can seriously damage and at times even kill your plants. Prepare your grow room and your setup, and you’ll minimise the negative side effects of winter chills. To make it even easier for you this winter, we've taken off 10% from everything in our Seasonal Selection - the discount will automatically be deducted at check out.

Monitor Temperatures

While your lights are on, you should be ideally looking to keep your room temperature between 25°C - 28°C, falling to a range of 18°C-21°C while your lights are off. When thinking about your room temperature, consider setting your "Lights On" period for during the night, when the room will naturally be the coolest, and your "Lights Off" period for during the day.

You should always keep a keen eye on the temperatures your grow room is reaching so you can act accordingly, but in the winter it's more important than ever. Installing a classic wall-mounted analogue thermometer (also available with a push button min/max option) is a cheap and easy way of giving yourself that constant reminder.

Digital thermometers are a

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