VPD - Vapour Pressure Deficit

As implied by the word "deficit" we're talking about the difference between the theoretical pressure exerted by water vapour held in saturated air (100% RH at a given temperature) and the pressure exerted by the water vapour that is actually held in the air being measured at the same given temperature.

In essence, it is the consequence of the imbalance between temperature and relative humidity.

⬇︎LOW Humidity + ⬆︎ HIGH Temperature = as air warms it expands and has the ability to hold more water

⬆︎HIGH Humidity + ⬇︎LOW Temperature = as air cools and contracts vapour concentrates and can fall or condense out of the air as water

Temperature control and humidity maintenance are essential for the prevention of VPD. There are several ways to monitor your grow room and ensure these optimal levels (see table) are maintained.

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