Temperature in the Grow Room: Man’s not hot!

Us humans deal with hot temperatures differently to that of our plant friends

Temperature is THE most important thing for your indoor grow room. Underestimate temperature issues or do not adequately control your temperature throughout your grow, and you will never achieve the record-breaking yield of your dreams. One or two extra degrees of heat during warm days, too cold a night time temperature, or even too great a swing in your day/night temperature difference all play a direct part in adding to your yield. Getting them right will see more of an addition to your yields than any bottle of nutrient can give you; quick maths.

Understanding how temperature impacts your plants and understanding how you can steer your growth by controlling grow room temperatures will quickly set you on the path to becoming a hydroponic god. This blog is a quick insight into temperature and a few pointers about the sort of equipment you can use to control it all. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!

What temperature does

There are two key things that temperature impacts a plant with; its metabolic rate and its cooling capacity, which are essentially at constant logger-heads.

Your plant needs heat to maintain a healthy metabolism. Eve

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