Solistek: Let There Be Light!

We syphon through lots of products before deciding whether they are worth putting on our shelves. There’s no point stocking products just for the sake of it, there has got to be something special about them if they want our backing! 

Check out this little bit of info on these new, remotely controlled Solis Tek ballasts.

If you are in the market for a new grow light, then you couldn’t really be in much of a better position. There are a huge range of companies now on the market so the choice for you as a grower is pretty phenomenal. If you do need to resort to a cheap hydroponic grow light, then of course that option is there, but you really are missing out considering the how awesome the high end grow lights are now. With ridiculous outputs, wide ranging spectrums and diverse functionalities, Solis Tek products are the perfect example of a good quality grow light that deserves a rightful spot in your grow room.

The SolisTek Matrix Digital Ballast - Packed full of functionality!

She’s a looker

So, the first thing that might strike you when you gaze upon the Solis Tek Matrix ballast, is just how god damn sexy it is. With its sleek black metal finish and curvaceous cooling fins, it really does look the part. It is not merely style over subst

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