Winter is coming...

Intake Temperatures

The short but sweet summer has started to fade away again, leading us into the cooler months of autumn and winter. As temperatures start to fall outside, the temperature of your air intake will naturally decrease. When the temperatures of your intake become cold, having the intake fan pushing air into the bottom of your tent can cause problems as your plant’s roots can become too cold. During these colder months, it is actually very beneficial to have your intake higher up so that the cold air is falling onto your plant’s canopy. This way the cold air will mix with the hot air and create a much more even temperature throughout the grow space and most importantly will keep your plant’s root system from becoming too cold. When the roots of a plant become too cold it decreases the speed at which water and nutrients can be taken up and can even stop taking on water if the temperature is cold enough. Using an air distribution hose to disperse the cold inlet air helps to create an even more consistent temperature throughout the grow space as the cold air is dispensed from multiple holes along the hose creating a better diffusion and spread of cold air over your canopy.


Cold Nights

The use of a tube heate

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