Air Cooled Lighting

During the summer months, maintaining consistent temperatures in your grow room can be quite a challenge. As the temperatures soar outside, it can be difficult to protect plants from the heat inside, especially with the additional heat produced by the grow lights. The most effective way to manage grow room temperatures in warmer weather is to use Air Cooled Lighting.  Warm air is extracted from the lamp area out of the grow room/tent thus reducing the impact of the heat emitted by the lamp.

There are several advantages to using air cooled lighting in your grow room. Unlike the grow room temperature, the relative humidity is not affected when using an air cooled system (with an outside air input) which removes the heat with minimal disruption to the climate of the grow space.  They also work effectively in smaller spaces and low-height grow rooms meaning more compact grow tents cant be used to their full potential without overheating. Air cooled grow lights can be located closer to plants than standard lamps so your plant still receives maximum intensity but at a cooler temperature therefore reducing the risks such as burning or low humidity in a smaller space.

air cooled diagram


  • Use air from outside the grow space to ventilate the air cooled lamp
  • position inline fan BEFORE the reflectors to blow air through them rather than afterwards to create positive pressure and prolong your fan lifespan. If you are sucking the air through rather than blowing through any gaps within your reflector will draw air through which bypasses your
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