Grow Room Update November

Welcome to the November grow diary update. Up to this point we've had a fairly warm autumn round these parts, but now the cold really is starting to set in. Growing inside allows you to avoid that tricky problem though!

We started off a new batch of cherry tomato plants during the last week, so they're still in the germination phase. In fact, there's only one poking through the soil at the moment, as you can see below (if you've got good eyesight).
The variety is called Tumbling Tom, and it's a shrub-type tomato meaning it grows in a small bush-type shape rather than upwards and tall. This makes it ideal for hanging baskets and containers and it looks quite full and impressive when in flower. It also means it doesn't need pruning, so it's generally quite a hassle-free plant - nice and simple!
The above photo shows the seeds planted in Jiffy Peat Propagation Plugs. Just by soaking the plug in water and then popping the seed inside you're providing the plant with all the nutrition it needs at this early stage. These ones will be transferred to soil or coco when they're ready.
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