1. October 13, 2020

    Green Spirit Local - Our Local Home Delivery Service

    Green Spirit Local - Our Local Home Delivery Service

    Throughout the COVID19 outbreak and the subsequent national and local lockdowns, our priority at Green Spirit has always been the safety of our customers and staff. Earlier this year we introduced our Order and Collect service to help with safe shopping, offering the option to text or call in your order ahead of time for a quick collection, ensuring minimum contact time in-store. This service remains available. 

    Unfortunately, for many people, it’s still not safe or possible to visit stores in person, even with social distancing measures and additional safety procedures in place. With this in mind, we’d now like to introduce our improved, socially distant, Local Home Delivery Service - Green Spirit Local. Unlike our standard web order delivery (which will continue to operate as normal via our website) Green Spirit Local

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  2. March 18, 2020


    Green Spirit Hydroponics and COVID-19

    UPDATE: 29/06/2020 - Please read for updated guidance 

    To be updated with any changes to opening hours or the ordering procedure, or anything else happening at Green Spirit, please click the link below and sign up to our newsletter!


    Please be advised that while we have now returned to regular opening hours Monday - Friday, we are unable to open on Saturdays and Sundays at present because of the increased staff required to operate safely and maintain proper social distancing. As soon as we re-open on these days, we will update this page.

    From Monday 4th May, our Sheffield store will be moving to limited opening, with a call or text collection service available for all customers.

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  3. January 10, 2020


    Maxibright Daylight 660W LED - Back In Stock!

    We've now got the Maxibright Daylight 660W LED Light fixture back in stock!

    Act quick, as these have been highly-anticipated and we're already seeing lots of interest.


    • Light distribution optimised for 1.2m x 1.2m area.
    • 8 LED bars for uniform light distribution.
    • Light bars can slide horizontally to allow different spacing interval requirements.
    • Light bars can be tilted through 30° to optimise light spread e.g. at edge of growing area.
    • Dimmable from 30% to 100% power.

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  4. December 19, 2019


    Ecothrive and Biobizz Open Day


    To beat the inescapable January blues, we’re putting together an expert open day on 29th January 2020 with two companies we’re incredibly proud to stock. 

    We’ll be visited by Biobizz and Ecothrive on Wednesday 29th January, wherein reps from each company will be available to offer best-use advice on their full range of products, as well as extra information about what actually goes into the products you’re using on your plants. 

    You can expect free samples, expert knowledge from the people who actually make the products you’re using, and a chance to chat to other growers interested in organics and natural alternatives to some of the other additives and nutrients out there. 

    Both Biobizz a

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  5. November 29, 2019


    Black Friday Savings!

    Black Friday 2019 is here! Over the last decade or so the UK has truly got on board with this event that started in the USA, but this year we wanted to turn the focus onto all the great companies in the hydroponics industry that are based here in the United Kingdom. We've got a list of 13 companies based in the British Isles and you'll get 25% off anything from their range if you purchase today!


    Growers Ark

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  6. November 19, 2019


    Botanicare Brand Spotlight

    Botanicare is a leading brand of plant nutrients, additives and supplements, world-renowned for their commitment to the science of plant growth. 

    The original Botanicare product! Here's where it all began. Pure Blend Tea contains all the required components for maximizing both the flavours and the aromas of your plants. You'll find: vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, ultra-soluble humates, fulvic acid and carbohydrates packed inside to give your plants just what they need. The formula is completely water-soluble, and delivers excellent performance in soil and hydroponic gardens.

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  7. October 28, 2019


    Five Ways to Help Your Plants This Winter

    As temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your grow room, and more importantly your plants, warm this winter. A cold snap can seriously damage and at times even kill your plants. Prepare your grow room and your setup, and you’ll minimise the negative side effects of winter chills. To make it even easier for you this winter, we've taken off 10% from everything in our Seasonal Selection - the discount will automatically be deducted at check out.

    Monitor Temperatures

    While your lights are on, you should be ideally looking to keep your room temperature between 25°C - 28°C, falling to a range of 18°C-21°C while your lights are off. When thinking about you

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  8. September 27, 2019


    Identifying and Treating Grow Room Pests

    It's likely that however well you run your grow room, at some point, you'll have to deal with grow room pests. Pest sprays and insecticides can be worth looking into for severe infestations, but in many cases, it’s possible to use a natural biological control (predators) to get rid of your pests and return your plants to health. 

    The first step to treating your grow room pests is to identify which pest is plaguing your plants. In our experience, the most common pests are Red Spider Mite, Thrips, Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) and Aphids. We’ve put together a guide on how to identify the various pests you may come into contact with, and how to treat them. 

    Red Spider Mite - Tetranychus Urticae

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  9. September 10, 2019


    How to Dechlorinate Your Water 

    When you’re watering your plants, it may be tempting to reach for the kitchen or garden tap and use straight unfiltered tap water. Unfortunately, the various elements in tap water will interfere with your plants’ absorption of nutrients and supplements, and stunt your potential growth and yield. Using fresh tap water on your soil or growing media will kill a number of microbes in the root zone, primarily throughout the top ⅓ of your pot and your surface area.

    The most common problem you’ll encounter with tap water is the chlorine present. Plants are able to absorb chlorine, but they only need very minimal quantities, and you shouldn’t ever need to add any. Watering or irrigating with tap water will over chlorinate your plants. Over chlorination will result in reduced growth and yields. On average, tap water in the UK has a 0.5mg/l of chlorine. Water companies attempt to meet this standard, but it can vary

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  10. January 15, 2019


    VPD - Vapour Pressure Deficit

    As implied by the word "deficit" we're talking about the difference between the theoretical pressure exerted by water vapour held in saturated air (100% RH at a given temperature) and the pressure exerted by the water vapour that is actually held in the air being measured at the same given temperature.

    In essence, it is the consequence of the imbalance between temperature and relative humidity.

    ⬇︎LOW Humidity + ⬆︎ HIGH Temperature = as air warms it expands and has the ability to hold more water

    ⬆︎HIGH Humidity + ⬇︎LOW Temperature = as air cools and contracts vapour c

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