BioGreen X-Rooting

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BioGreen X-Rooting

X-Rooting from BioGreen is perfectly formulated for rapid absorption by your plants' cells via oligopeptides, the biochemical system of the nutrient. This process doesn't require photosynthesis, so will not cause strain to the plant. 


You can expect to see an increase in yields, the vibrancy and size of flowers and fruits, and a fast-activated ripening process. Plants that have been exposed to stress and adverse conditions such as re-planting, frost, pruning, and pest treatments will respond especially well to the application of X-Rooting. 

Features of X-Rooting from BioGreen

- Stimulates the explosive formation of roots.

- Stimulates the production of root-hairs.

- Increases resistance to diseases.

- Increases resistance to stress.

- Restores stressed cuttings.

- Stimulates the production of root hormones.

- Free of heavy metals.

How to Use X-Rooting

X-Rooting should be applied daily, for three weeks, from the very first day of growth. Daily watering should be maintained as needed. Be careful to ensure you are not overdosing your plants. 



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