BioGreen X-Blast

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BioGreen X-Blast

BioGreen X-Blast

X Blast greatly enhances the final flowering period of the plant.

X Blast benefits the sugar content of the plant, improve energy management and increases the plants resistance.  

  • Contains sufficient potassium to give the flowering process an additional boost.
  • Contains humates which strengthen and improve the resistance of the plant despite it's deficiencies.
  • Contains Boron and iron which are involved in the transport of energy in the plant and the formation of sugars
  • Includes Copper which is vital for root metabolism and accelerates the formationof  plant mass.
  • Contains natural algae minerals which significantly increase resistance to stress.
  • Increases the sugar content of the plant.
  • Free of sodium salts.
  • Entirely composed of pure raw materials.


More Information

From week 5 or 6, depending on the flower size, until the end of the growth, add to the basic nutrients. Do not use together with extra fertilisers like PK 13-14 or Flower Boost. Avoid overdose, if necessary half the basic nutrients. EC Composition:N- 1 % P- 7 % K-11 % + Fe

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