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Bio Green Garlic

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Bio Green Garlic

Availability: In stock

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Price: £34.99
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bio green garlic

BioGreen Garlic Repels thrips and other insects

Absorbed by the plant, BioGreen Garlic makes the plant less appealing to thrips and other pests and repelling existing insect vistors. It also reduces mould problems.

  • Repels Thrips & insects
  • Highly Concentrated 
  • Contains an average of 15,000-28,000 ppm of allicin
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Close the bottle correctly after use.

Period of validity after opening 2 months, if kept in a dark place, cool but free of frost.

Important: never use it simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products.

Composed entirely of raw materials that are all on the list of the German Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and are in accordance with EU Directive n. ° 834/2007 on organic production. 100 ml for 100 liters of nutrient water as preventive treatment 400 ml for 100 liters of nourishing water as shock treatment As a spray: 50 ml to 1 liter of water.

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