BioGreen Garlic

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Bio Green Garlic

BioGreen Garlic

BioGreen Garlic is a 100% fully organic pesticide. In today’s market with the ever growing trend in organics and requirement for cleaner crops, BioGreen wanted to introduce an organic solution to prevent against the various common pathogenic fungi such as mold and powdery mildew and pests such as nematodes, snails, beetles, mites, thrips and other insects such as louse and whitefly.

The main Bioactive component extracted from the garlic is Allicin, a compound of organic sulfur (thiosulfonate) with a strong antioxidant effect and other good properties for plants. Definitely, Allicin works as the first mechanism of defense against insects and different fungi. BioGreen Garlic is highly concentrated and contains on average 15000-28000 ppm of Allicin.

The active components are completely absorbed by the plant and leave no residues in the tissues. In other words, your end harvest won’t taste or smell like garlic

• 100% biological and organic

• Strongest natural pesticide on the market

• Polar extracted Garlic

• Leaves no taste or smell of garlic in your crop

• Highly concentrated

• Made from 100% pure raw materials


More Information

Close the bottle correctly after use.

Period of validity after opening 2 months, if kept in a dark place, cool but free of frost.

Important: never use it simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products.

Composed entirely of raw materials that are all on the list of the German Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and are in accordance with EU Directive n. ° 834/2007 on organic production. 100 ml for 100 liters of nutrient water as preventive treatment 400 ml for 100 liters of nourishing water as shock treatment As a spray: 50 ml to 1 liter of water.

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