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BioBizz Light-Mix

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BioBizz Light-Mix

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BioBizz Light-Mix is an organic substrate designed to accommodate any nutrients or fertilisers you need from the very start of your grow without the risk of burning.

BioBizz Light-Mix is manufactured using slightly fertilised peat moss intended to facilitate fast and healthy root development. For the first week of growing in BioBizz Light-Mix, you do not have to use any nutrients thanks to the pre-fertilisation of the mixture. After the initial week, it is recommended to use an appropriate soil nutrient such as BioBizz Bio-Grow.

This incredibly light nutrient content makes a perfect potting soil for seedlings and cuttings. With an EC of 1.2 and a pH of 6.1 – 6.3 BioBizz Light-Mix is ideal for raising your young plants, other mixes may be too strong for your young plants and subsequently, may cause transplant shock, this does not happen with BioBizz Light-Mix.

BioBizz Light-Mix is certified organic by the OMRI and EKO organic institutes.


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