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BioBizz All-Mix

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BioBizz All-Mix

Availability: In stock

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BioBizz All-Mix is an all organic substrate, pre-fertilised this mix is capable of sustaining plant growth for a few weeks without the use of nutrients.

BioBizz All-Mix is a special blend of organic mediums and active ingredients designed to provide complete sustenance for your plants for the first few weeks after potting. All-Mix is perfect for any application, indoor and outdoor use, potted plants, flowers and vegetables. Each 50-litre bag comes with 2.5 litres of added fertiliser, this saves you time and money, your nutrients stretch further and reduces the chance of over or under feeding while re-potting your established plants.

Containing mediums sourced from all over the world BioBizz All-Mix consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high-quality organic Worm-Humus, 30% perlite and 5% of special “pre-mix” a combination of fermented, biologically active ingredients. 

BioBizz All-Mix is unlike any other substrate on the market! BioBizz All-Mix can be used during both growth and flowering, however, unlike BioBizz Light-Mix we don't recommend All-Mix for germination or propagation as the high EC levels may cause burning or transplant shock.

BioBizz Light-Mix is certified organic by the OMRI and EKO organic institutes.

Please note: BioBizz All-Mix has an EC of 2.4 and a pH of 6.6 average.


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