Canadian Xpress Bio Balancer

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Canadian Xpress bio-balancer

Canadian Xpress bio balancer.   

A great amount of research and understanding of plant life went into the creation of bio balancer, to help you the grower fight off and prevent terrible diseases that can occur in soilless hydroponic systems.

When hydroponics was first introduced in the 70s, growers discovered that in soilless systems there were no micro-organisms in the root zone, initially. What they discovered that, good or bad, the first micro-organisms that are introduced into the system completely dominates the root zone – meaning if something like pythium hits, its game over for your crop.

Bio Balancer has been specially formulated to work against these root zone diseases by introducing only good micro-organisms into the system, helping to prevent root zone diseases ever entering the root zone – or by overwhelming the root zone with good micro-organisms to overrun root zone diseases.

Bio Balancer is another great product from Canadian Xpress that every grow needs in their plant first aid kit. 

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