Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid

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Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid 

Big Bud from Advanced Nutrients is a bloom booster designed to save you from the nightmare of under performing plants!

Big Bud is unlike most bloom boosters in that it does not simply rely on a PK booster to provide you with large yields. The phosphorous/potassium ratio of your booster is not that important if it isn't supported by all the proper supplemental materials.

According to Advanced Nutrients floral production is at its most elevated rate when the plant is provided with a balance of amino acids. There are 20 different L-form amino acids you should provide your plant with to encourage explosive yields. By providing your plant with these substances you will see larger, more potent flowers, lessened stress levels and better growth and yields.

Big Bud Nutrients

Big Bug Nutrients are designed to enable plants to grow larger with more potent flowers in hydroponic environments, and really can help plants to thrive! Here at Green Spirit Hydroponics we are proud to offer these nutrients to our customers at the most affordable prices, and are available to call should anyone have any questions.

Please note: Big Bud comes in both Liquid and Powder forms. Please ensure that you're purchasing the correct form before you confirm.

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