Baseline Dripper small 12 pot kit

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baseline 12 pot kit

Baseline Dripper Kit 

Kit includes:

1 x 225 Litre Flexitank

1 x Aquaking Submersible Pump Q2503 5000ltr/hr 

1 x Coupling for Aquaking Submersible Pump 16mm ½" diameter

1 x 12 part ½" Topspin Dripper Manifold + elbow

1 x IWS Microfilter Dripper Barbed 16mm 

1 x 16mm Barbed Tee Connector 

1 x Anti-Syphon Valve

10 x metre IWS Universal pipe

12 x Baseline Run off Tray small (42x37x10cm)

4 x IWS Universal Sealing gland 25mm

2 x IWS Universal Tee

2 x IWS Universal Elbow

1 x IWS Run to waste RTW Control Unit/Brain

1 x GrowGadgets 13 amp Digital timer 7 day 

2 x Elbows

 12 pot dripper kit

This Kit has been specially put together to enable you to leave your system whilst you're away. The timer can be set for 7 days meaning your plants are taken care of without your regular monitoring.

Baseline trays were designed specifically to optimise nutrient/water circulation and reduce root-zone diseases. 

Plants growing in soil or coco require a minimum run-off of 10% to ensure the substrate has been consistently saturated with nutrient solution. Using a tray or saucer means this run-off will collect meaning the plants are stationary in the liquid which is detrimental to the root zone. Healthy roots thrive in oxygenated liquid as opposed to waterlogged roots which are susceptible to problems such as mildew, bud rot or pythium and excessive humidity

The baseline tray was developed to be positioned directly underneath the plant containers the same as a tray or saucer. The difference is, the baseline tray elevates the container substantially above the run-off with the added benefit of being able to pipe the excess nutrients to either a drain (run-to-waste system) or re-directing the solution back through the system (recirculating system) utilising the pre-drilled holes which can accommodate 13mm or 25mm piping. 

The FlexiTank is an easy-to-assemble flatpack tank which makes storage and transportation much easier, not to mention it allows complete discretion, unlike traditional reservoirs. The reservoir itself is made of material and is erected using five easy to insert poles. The FlexiTank also includes one 16mm tap and one 16mm click fit male connector.

The FlexiTank offers all a traditional reservoir can and more, first, it is easier to store and transport thanks to the compact size of the unit when disassembled. Secondly, it requires no tools for assembly; simply insert your poles and tap and fill it up.

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