VITATHRIVE aka Green Planet Aussie Tonic

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Liquid Propagation Fertilizer & Anti-Stress Agent

VITATHRIVE is to be used at the same ratios and will be priced the same as it’s predecessor and we will continue to sell AUSSIE TONIC until our stock is diminished.

We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results that this extra charge of vitamins will bring your plants in their earliest stages of growth. Aussie Tonic is a unique vitamin supplement and growth stimulator developed to encourage amazing results and healthy plants.

Aussie Tonic strengthens your plant using a whole host of B Vitamins including B1 vitamins A, D, E, K, and C. These vitamins increase cell division in your plant and aid in relieving shock and stress caused by over/under watering, excess heat, humidity and transplanting.

You can use Aussie Tonic in every cycle of plant life whether you're encouraging your cuttings to take root, facilitating vegetative growth/production or encouraging larger fruits and flowers. Regardless of the application, Aussie Tonic has something to provide.

This product is highly recommended as an essential component in your nutrient solution, not only as an enhancer/booster but as an anti-stress product. Aussie Tonic is a true multi-purpose nutrient solution.

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