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Air Pots - Multiple Sizes

Whatever you are growing, it's the roots that matter. 

The new Air-Pot is the most innovative plant pot we've seen for a long time, after 15 years of rigorous design and testing the Air-Pot has solved the issue of root circling! The Air-Pot is designed to create the best root system possible in a pot, better than any other pot culture method to date.

The cuspate walls of the Air-Pot are the reason for this amazing root production, in an egg box-like configuration composed of inward pointing closed cones and open-ended outward pointing cones, it is designed specifically to promote root development. This means there are no flat surfaces on the inside of the pot to deflect the roots of your plants and start a “spiralling” process.

The inward pointing cones direct the roots outward toward the open-ended cones where the roots protruding from the cuspate walls of the pot dehydrate and are naturally pruned off. Your plants respond to this “air pruning” by sending out more and more roots to compensate for the losses which lead to an incredibly dense root system with innumerable numbers of active, white tipped roots.

The porosity of these new Air-Pot containers creates better conditions for bacterial activity and therefore increases the nutrient intake of your plants. With such a large amount of root, right back to the stem, the root system is more efficient in its use of available water and nutrients.

With the best root system imaginable your plants will prosper time after time.

All Air-Pot products are manufactured in the United Kingdom using 100% recycled plastic.


Gareth Cameron, Cumbrian competition onion grower, uses and endorses the fantastic Air-Pots giving him Prize Winning Results every time!

Gareth Cameron Prize onions

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