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Adjust-A-Wing Large Enforcer 600W Parbright Kit

Availability: In stock

Adjust-A-Wing Large Enforcer 600W Parbright Kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £114.99
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The adjust-a-wing enforcer is the original adjustable reflector and has up to two times more power, and is up to two times more efficient than most other reflectors. Kit includes Enforcer Large reflector. 

The adjust-a-wing enforcer allows up to 75% more light penetration and can increase yield per lamp by up to 50%! 

The enforcer is ideal for growers who like to get personal with their plants, the enforcer allows the grower to adjust its wings to specific parts of the growth period to allow for better light distribution amongst the plants in their varying periods of growth, this means that the plants will grow to their highest potential.If the above wasn’t enough to convince you of the efficiency of the adjust-a-wing enforcer, then see tech/downloads tab for Jorge Cervantes's testimonial!  

Coupled with the adjust-a-wing is a Parbright bulb and ballast. The bulb is dual spectrum and provides both blue and red light, meaning the bulb can be used throughout the veg and the flowering stage – the added blue light also helps to increase essential oil production during the last few weeks of flower. The ballast is resin moulded to increase the life span of its internal components, meaning whilst it may be hot to the touch, it runs at a consistent temperature – and the ballasts life-span is greatly increased.  

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