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iPac Ballast - Enforcer Adjust-A-Wing Reflector Lighting kit

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iPac Ballast - Enforcer Adjust-A-Wing Reflector Lighting kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £119.99
Price: £119.99
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The iPac ballast enforcer Adjusta-a-wing lighting kit is great for any grower who wants exact control over the spread of light in their environment


  • 1 x  Maxibright IPac ballast
  • 1 x Avenger Adjust-A-Wing reflector
  • 1 x  Bulb of your choice (select below)

Even better that every aspect of this kit is of the utmost quality - even the ballast of which is a genuine 600 watt ballast, which means that Maxibright have vigorously tested and tried their ballasts to make sure they output a true 600 watts of power to your bulb, meaning a longer bulb life, and better crops! See the details below for more information on what the 600-watt guarantee is, and how you can test your ballasts at home! 

The MEDIUM Size Avenger Adjust-A-Wing Reflector suitable for up to 600-watt Bulbs gives you the advantages of very uniform crop growth and complete control over the focus and distribution of your light. 

So it's no surprise that it's been proven to outperform just about every other reflector on the market. 

There are two reasons for this -
(1) It is suitable for extremely low mounting heights, and
(2) its revolutionary adjustable reflector delivers a very even light spread over any area.

The Avenger Adjust-A-Wing Reflector comes complete with the SUPER SPREADER Heat Shield

The Professional Maxibright Ipac Ballast is built to the highest standards using quality Venture control gear, This includes digital intelligent ignitors for each wattage of choke and thermal cut-out on 250w and 400w systems.  the enclosure is heavily vented for cooler operation and is wall mountable.

Can be used with High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs and has a 3-year guarantee!



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