6 pot midi duo plus kit

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holiday kit

We know how much you guys enjoy your holidays, lets face it we don’t work so hard in our lovely gardens to then not be able to head for the Sun as soon as it shows its face.

So we have devised a quick, cost effective way that you can keep ya plants alive while you are sunning your selves in Blackpool.

The kit consists of

Tray options include rigid garland tray 100cm x 100cm or  flexi tray 100 x 100cm


The Easy 2 go holiday Auto pot valves are bullet proof and a far cry from what they used to be they come complete with

The idea of this kit is for you to just pick ya pots up pop them in the trays provided add one float valve per tray which then allows water to flow from the reservoir that the floats are attached to via the Iws flexi pipe provided.  The golded crop then soaks up the water and nutrient allowing the float valve to drop letting more water into the trays, this process continues until the reservoir is empty at which point you need to be back from holiday or have a friend top her back up.

Larger tanks can be added if you feel you need more head room if this is the case then please contact the sales team at Green Spirit and we will do you a personalised quote with larger tanks.


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