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Compact Fluorescent Bulb

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Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Availability: In stock

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Price: £24.99
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Compact Fluorescent Lights are the big new thing in hydroponics - no heat, no ballasts to run them, no contactors required, silent running and the results speak for themselves - they are a great growing lamp.

Compact Fluorescent lamps are effective, energy-saving, low heat generating horticultural grow lamps, giving excellent results and lower operating costs for all indoor growers. 

Compact Fluorescent lamps  give 100% PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) high output light and are used in horticulture successfully and are available for propagation, vegetative or flowering stages. Compact Fluorescent lamps are self ballasting lamps and simple to install. The Compact Fluorescent bulbs will dramatically improve the growth of any plant - whether it be tomatoes, bedding plants or house plants giving the plant a huge 'hit' of artificial daylight. If you combine a quality compact fluorescent light like this one with some Dutch Pro bloom stimulant then you really are on to a winner.

Lamp type - Compact Fluorescent - Self Ballasted
Base - E40
Voltage - 220/240V
Life Expectancy - 8000 Hours
Input Voltage - 220/240V at 50/60Hz
Colour Temperature BLUE SPECTRUM = 6400K
Colour Temperature RED SPECTRUM = 2700K

  • 125watts 
  • Lumen output - 8100 Lumens
  • Input Current - 0.7A
  • 200watts 
  • Lumen output - 13000 Lumens
  • Input Current - 1.0A
  • 250watts
  • Lumen output - 19500 Lumens
  • Input Current - 1.2A

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